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Experts solve 15th fast plzz dishonoured not recorded in the cash book. (vii) Bin (MSE IAns.: Balance as per Cash Book—t 17,48q', 15. From the following particulars, prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement of Govil 31st March. 2015: Balance as per pass Book on 31st March, 2015 is 8,500, Cheques for 5,100 Were during the month of March but out of these, cheques for 1,200 were presented in month of April, 2015 and one cheque for 200 was not presented for payment. Cheque cash amounting to 4,800 were deposited in the bank during March but credit was for 3,800 only. A customer had deposited 800 into the bank directly. The bank credited Govil for 200 as interest and has debited him for 30 as bank charges, for which there are no corresponding entries in the Cash Book. [Ans.: Balance as per Cash Book—e 7, 1" 7110

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