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Mendelian dihybrid cross is represented as follows:

The ratio for the dihybrid cross according to Mendelian experiments on peas is 9:3:3:1. The obtained no. of seeds in the above experiment is in accordance with this ratio.

Number of Round yellow seeds= 9 x 64=576 (or around 630)
Number of Round green seeds= 3 x 64= 192 (or around 216)
Number of wrinkled yellow seeds= 3 x 64= 192 (or around 202)
Number of wrinkled green seeds= 1 x 64= 52

Mechanism of inheritance: 
Law of independent assortment- According to this law, When two pair of traits are combined in a hybrid, one pair of character segregates independently of the other pair of character.

For example- In a cross involving one pea plant producing round, yellow seeds and the other producing wrinkled green pods,  then it is not necessary that offspring will have same combination. 

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