Experts the gametophyte in bryophytes is unicellular or multicellular?

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A clear alternation of generation is present  in all bryophytes. They are the first plant to have heteromorphic alternation of generation. All bryophytes exhibit haplo- diplontic life cycle of heteromorphic type i.e. the plants represents two morphologically  distinct generations ( gametophytic and sporophytic) with dominant independent gametophytic phase.  Sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte for food. Hence, it remains attached to the gametophyte. ‚Äč 

The haploid generation is called the gametophyte because it undergoes sexual reproduction to produce gametes. Production of gametes involve mitosis, so the gametes are also haploid. It is multicellular. The gametes fuse to form a diploid zygote which grows into the next generation, the diploid sporophyte generation (2n). Sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte and remains attached to it. It is called sporophyte because it undergoes asexual reproduction to produce spores. Production of spores involves meiosis, so that there is return to the haploid condition. The haploid spores give rise to the gametophytic generation.


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