Experts, with time I want to get expertise in every subject either through practice, hardwork, dedication, preparation but only through honest means.  For that I have to start firstly, So I want to know, Would it be better to write some idioms and proverbs etc., if anytime I have to write article, essay , speech or any other composition from writing section.

If yes, then If yes, then would you like to tell all of us, what kind of idioms should be introduced to ourselves by us, if the topic is very deep then what should be our limit to learn and from where we can elaborate our learning spectrum for the topic. Also tell how should i make myself smart to use correct idiom at required place.

Dear student,

It is really good to make use of idioms, proverbs or phrases while writing an article, speech or essay. You can begin by picking up an article writing topic, for instance, 'Importance of Hardwork and Time' and you can look up for some idioms or proverbs centered around this topic. The more you practice, the more you will be able to learn and make use of proverbs and idioms.


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You may put up the question to mentor Shalu mam, I guess
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