Explain 12th question.
Q.12. Which of the following is not a useful feature of herbarium?
(a) It provides information about the ecology of different places.
(b) It provides living plant material for systemic work.
(c) It helps in identifying the morphological differences among species.
(d) It provides information about flowering season of various plants.

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Herbarium is a store house of collected plant specimens that are dried, pressed and preserved on sheets.

The herbarium sheets carry a label providing information about date and place of collection, English, local and botanical names, family, collector’s name, morphology of flowers etc. It also provides information on flowering seasons.

Herbaria also serve as quick referral systems in taxonomical studies and for systemic work. 

​It does provide living plant material for systemic work. The plants are dried and pressed. Hence, option (b) is correct.

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b . since ir is a collection of dead plant specimens and cant have living objects hope its clear
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