Explain 5 main features of basin of Ganga river system.

1. It represents dendritic drainage pattern.

2. It is joined by a no. of tributaries.

3. It makes one of the most fertile plains of the world.

4. Every year the floods that occur, form flood plains which are very fertile and suitable for agriculture.

5. It meets with brahmaputra and makes the largest delta of the world known as the Sundarban Delta which extends into Bangladesh....

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give main 5 features of ganga river
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The top one is the correct answer
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1.it is joined by many tributaries from the himalayas,a few of them being major river such as the yamuna,the ghaghara,the gandak and the kosi.
2.the river yamuna rises from the yamunotri glacier in the himalayas
3.the headwaters of the ganga, called the bhagirathi is fed by the gangotri glacier and joined by the alaknanda at devprayag in uttaranchal

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Write five points on bhramputra river
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