explain AIR LAYERING in more detail.


In this method, the branch of a plant is bent and covered with moist soil called mound. After a few days, roots arise from the underground portion. These separate from the parent plant and grow independently.

Examples: Jasmine, strawberry, bougainvillea etc.


Layering is of two types − air layering and mound layering

Mound layering − In this method the stem is bent so that node lies beneath the soil. The growing tip remains above the soil. Adventitious roots grow at the node which is cut from the parent plant and grown as in jasmine and strawberry.

Air layering − In this method plants having thick branches that cannot be bent are propagated. The stem of such plants are girdled, covered with a moist cotton and is kept in a polythene bag. When adventitious roots start appearing, the branch is cut and planted.


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Layering is a means of plant propagation in which a portion of an aerial stem grows roots while still attached to the parent plant and then detaches as an independent plant. Layering has evolved as a common means of vegetative propagation of numerous species in natural environments. Layering is also utilized by horticulturists to propagate desirable plants.

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