" An endless fountain of immortal drink "

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"A Thing of beauty is a joy forever" is one of my favourite line as I am an aesthete. Whenever I see or come across the unusual beauties of nature, i get awestrucked and feel the joy of being alive in this world. People who are depressed with their lives should realize that nature has provided innumerable beautiful things to notice. All we need is an eye that appreciates the beauty of life.

The poet draws out the image of an endless fountain of immortal drink that pours joy on usfrom the brink of heaven. These are the beautiful things in nature or man-made objects thathe calls immortal drink.If one looks around, there are innumerable beautiful things to notice they seem to flow immortally as a fountain, poured from the brink of heaven by the gods to help the pitiable human beings to cope with the harshness of life.
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