Explain briefly the vegetative reproduction in potato?

Potato is an underground modified stem. Potatoes mostly reproduce in vegetative manner.

Potatoes have eyes like structure called nodes or buds.

Shoots that come out from the buds are called sprouts which grow and become stems. They come out after a long period of dormancy.

Roots also come out from the buds.

The buds become new plants.

The part of the stem grows under the soil is called underground stem.

This underground stem starts swelling and transform into tuber or new potato.

When the tubers are fully grown the mother plant dies. Nodes of tuber again give rise to buds and new plants as well

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vegetative propagation in potato is through tuber.

The potato tuber is not only the principal mean for potato propagation, but also a major human food source. Potatoes are mainly propagated by vegetative methods (cloning).  

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