Explain different types of leaders and different leradership styles.

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Following are the Leadership Styles
(i) Authoritarian or autocratic leadership An autocratic leader exercises complete control over the subordinates. He centralises power in himself and takes all decisions without consulting the subordinates.
(ii) Democratic or participative leadership A democratic leader takes decisions after consultation and encourages the participation of subordinates. He decentralises authority and allows the subordinates to share his power
(iii) Free-rein or laissez-faire leadership It involves complete delegation of authority so that subordinates themselves take decisions. The free-rein leader avoids holding power and surrenders the authority to subordinates.
Types of Leaders

1.Managerial Leader 

A managerial leader is the least effective of the five types of leaders. They have the least influence. People only follow them because they have to. They are not in the position to serve others.

2.Relational Leader 

A relational leader builds relationships in order to influence others. People want to follow them because of who they are, not what they know. They develop mutual respect with others and work well with them

3.Motivational Leader 

A motivational leader seeks mutual benefit for themselves, others, and the organization. People want to follow them because of who they are and what they know. They influence others from the outside.

4.Inspirational Leader 

An inspirational leader inspires managerial and relational leaders to become motivational leaders. Their focus is on growing themselves in order to inspire others to grow.

5.Transformational Leader 

A transformational leader’s passion and purpose is to transform others. They are the most influential of the five types of leaders and are highly respected. Their reputation precedes them.


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