Explain each point in brief with examples
Q). The challenges are:
  • Lack of internal democracy within parties. 
  • Dynastic succession. 
  • Growing role of money and muscle power in parties.
  • Very often parties do not seem to offer a meaningful choice to the voters.

Dear Student,

The points mentioned in your query are explained below:

a. Political parties today lack any meaningful choices for the voters, there is thin ideological differentiation among parties.
b. Parties have been criticized of lacking inner democracy and that they fail to establish link at the higher level with that of the grass root.Parties do not hold regular elections or meetings, or maintain organizational registers
 c. Parties have been accused of using money and muscle power to retain power, Parties main concern is to contest elections, come to power and retain power, thus they generally nominate candidates who are wealthy and influential.They nominate candidates who have strong connections with big business houses and are in a position to raise money, get donations. In this way, big business houses are able to influence the decisions of the parties.
Since within a party only few members make all policy decisions , it amounts to concentration of power by few top members.
 e. They fail to give adequate representation or tickets to women candidates
 f. Dynastic succession is one of the major problems that Political parties have to confront with , and it certainly acts a hindrance for ordinary citizens who aspire to join politics
g. It promotes
 favouritism and nepotism.



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