Explain how we depend on forests, directly or indirectly

  • Forests directly or indirectly playing an important role to keep or maintained our environment healthy and clean. Forests serve as water purifier and also called as green lungs of environment. Forests are so vast as they maintained a network of food chains called as food web. In the atmosphere, forests maintained the balance between O2 ‚Äčand CO2 and also they act as natural absorber of rainwater and prevents floods.
  • Forests provides timber and wood used in manufacturing furniture and other products include latex, turpine which is used in manufacturing rubber.The medicinal plants and trees that are present in the forests such as cinchona tree, tulsi etc were used in making medicines. Most of the animals get vegetables & fruits as a source of food provided by the forests.
  • If there were no forests means there were no plants and trees consequently, less oxygen in air would lead to global warming. If there were no forests the entire food chain get disturbed, the animals will not get food and shelter which is provided by forests. Also the useful product that we get from forests such as timber and medicines would not be available as a result of poor maintenance of forests or if there were no forests.

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