Explain. If you got a tooth you got a friend

"If u got a tooth then u got a friend"This shows how important the tooth is for all of us.We should take care of our tooth,we should regularly brush teeth,we should not eat chocolate or sticky food regularly.If there will be cavities in our tooth then we have to go to the dentist which is very painfull.When we smile the teeth plays  a major role.So,we should take care of our tooth it is just like our friend.

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It means that our tooth are our best friend.They helps us in every situation it means they are always available...
That's why poetess mom said that if you got a tooth you got a friend
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It means that when we got a tooth it became like a friend of us. Before it 'friendless' when we have no teeth. But now it is not so.
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it means that if one tooth is lost the the other wont come thats why we should take care of our teeth by brushing and avoiding sweets

hope this helps u
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