Explain in detail :
27. At the base of cochlea, the canal that ends at the oval win-dow is :
(a) Scala tympani                          (b) Scala media
(c) Scala vestibuli                         (d) Auditory

28. The stereo cilia of hair cells of organ of Corti are covered with a thick elastic membrane called
(a) Reissner's membrane                        (b) Basilar membrane
(c) Tympanic membrane                        (d) None of these

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27. The correct option is (c) i.e. Scala vestibuli
The canal which connects oval window with the cochlea at the base is scala vestibuli.       

28. The correct option is (d). 

Organ of corti lies on the basilar membrane and is covered with a thick and elastic membrane called tectorial membrane.

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How to explain these questions in detail?
These are facts. You have to memorize it
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I need right answers among themm..ok if you know then reply or do not replied.... Okkk
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