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​Q132. The absorption spectrum analysis of chlorophylls indicates that 

          (1) Absorbs more of red wavelength than blue

          (2) Chl. a absorbs more red wavelength Chl.b

          (3) Ch. a absorbs more blue wavelength than chl.b

          (4) Chl.b absorbs more of red wavelength than chl.a

Q133. Tadpole like configuration is found in 

          (1) Phycobilins                          (2) Chlorophyll-c

          (3) Chlorophyll-a                      (4) All of these

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Please refer the solution below for the said query

The correct option is (2).

The Chlorophyll a absorbs more red wavelength than chlorophyll b. This can be represented by the graph showing absorption spectrum of photosynthetic pigments as:

An absorption spectrum is the graph plotted against the fraction of light absorbed by the pigment.

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