explain 'indira sawhney and others vs union of India case' clearly.

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Mandal commission became highly controversial because of the following:

a. Mandal commission recommended  27% of government jobs to be reserved for socially and educationally backward classes. Till before, provision of reservation was only restricted to Schedule castes and schedule tribes.
b. It led to entire debate between the pro and anti reservation group.
c. People supporting reservation felt that it was an attempt to create egalitarian society.Reservation are only corrective and defensive mechanism to protect minorities from the majorities and do away with the existing inequalities.
d. On the other hand, those against felt that it undermined the importance of merit. 
e.Following the outrage against the order and protest, a court case was filed against the order.
f. ‚ÄčThe Supreme Court of India bunched the cases together. This case was known as the ‘Indira Sawhney and others Vs Union of India case'.
g. The court upheld the order but asked the government to make modifications excluding well to do amongst the backward classes from the benefits of reservation.

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Indra Sawhney Etc. Etc vs Union Of India And Others, Etc. ... on 16 November, 1992

Equivalent citations: AIR 1993 SC 477, 1992 Supp 2 SCR 454

Author: B J Reddy

Bench: M Kania, M Venkatachaliah, S R Pandian, . T Ahmadi, K Singh, P Sawant, R Sahai, B J Reddy


1. Judgment of TheChief Justice, M.N. Venkatachallah, A.M. Ahmadi and B.P. Jeevan Reddy, JJ. Delivered by B.P. Jeevan Reddy, J.

B.P. Jeevan Reddy, J.

Forty and three years ago was founded this republic with the fourfold objective of securing to its citizens justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. Statesmen of the highest order the like of which this country has not seen since - belonging to the fields of law, politics andpublic lifecame together to fashion the instrument of change - the Constitution of India. They did not rest content with evolving the framework of the State; they also pointed out the goal-and the methodology for reaching that goal. In the preamble, they spelt out the goal and in parts III and IV, they elaborated the methodology to be followed for reaching that goal.etc----------------

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