explain me determiners?


Determiners determine something about the noun(s) they modify. These are basically of six types:
1. Articles: "An elephant". (Here, an is acting as an indefinite article, which means we are talking about any elephant not a particular elephant).
2. Possessive Nouns: Ramesh's house is blue in colour". (Here, we are specifically talking about Ramesh's house and not of any other house).
3. Possessive Adjectives: My car is the best in town. (Here, my, which is a possessive adjective, is modifying the noun i.e., car).
4. Adjectives of Quantity: Sonu has many cars. (Here, many, which is the adjective of quantity, is modifying the noun i.e., cars).
5. Adjectives of Number: Fifty athletes turned up for the event. (Here, fifty, which is the adjective of number, is modifying the noun i.e., athletes).
6. Demonstrative Adjectives: This chicken is the best that I have ever had. (Here, this, which is the demonstrative adjective, is modifying the noun i.e., chicken).

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