Explain me question no'2

Explain me question no'2 IA/ZU O- ENGLISH Hyperbo Apo strophe Irony Par •d 0' Onomato 02. CREATIVE He was fond of has grandmother She would bathe him, give him breakfast_ prepare hg Wm to the school While he was in the school. she sat in the temp'e, her praversm Bring twists •n the plot to make the Story interest.nz, .nnovatr.•e use Of and mth hurnour. haunting images, and style may be added to Create flavor Complete the your own QY PROJECT Read the book ß'ing_s o/ Eire by A_P.J Abdul Kalam and "rite a book resv»nse to the revicyv Also u the DO not replicate the original cover Of the book Use

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