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Picked up each envelope in turn. Carefully passed his palms along their surfaces - and seemed satisfied. He riffled cursorily through a few pages of Holy Writ, and vaguely shook The Church Times. All right, So far. But one of the objects in McLeery's suitcase was puzzling him sorely.
  ‚Äč      "Do you mind telling me why you've brought this. Sir?" He held up a smallish semi-inflated rubber ring, such as a young child with a waist of about twelve inches might have struggled into. "You thinking of going for a swim, sir?"
       McLeery's hitherto amiable demeanour was slightly ruffled by this tasteless little pleasantry, and he anseered Jackson somewhat sourly." If ye must know, I suffer from

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Jackson at the commands of the Governor went to check McLeery and his belongings properly as a part of standard safety procedure. Jackson frisked through McLeery's clothes and his suitcase which had a couple of envelopes and a few other papers. Jackson came across something hard in one of McLeery's pockets to which he replied that they were his reading glasses and Jackson properly reassured himself before moving on. He then went through the envelopes and papers and found nothing suspicious. He was only curious about a inflatable ring which had a diameter of about 12 inches, the size of a little child's waist. She asked McLeery if he was planning to go for a swim inside the prison. However, the joke did not go down well with McLeery and he replied in a stiff tone that he suffered from something for which he needed it.


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Not a 100% sure but if you need the explanation for the underlined terms, here are the explanations below:-

"a swim, sir?" - when he picked up the "smallish semi-inflated rubber ring" it seemed like that of a child who would use it for swimming (to stay afloat). Thus he thought McLeery might go for a swim!

"amiable demeanour" - refers to McLeery's behaviour/nature of being pleasant or friendly (amiable) which always shows by itself  (demeanour).

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