Explain plz

Explain plz instant tix medium It VELOCITY V. time period T, i. By defininonof l„nce travcllcd bv the in 'me i e.. econd - vekxity x Tunc Wavelength whiLc .tanding 'iii density p ot the mea'ull', The of sound tn a medium is given by the relation where E is 'he modulus nf elasticity (Young's in case of •oltds or hulk modulus •n case of fluids' and p is the density the medium. when in a Of not Changc (i.e.. the the temperature to tlr E = P. Of sound in a gas is given a' For air at normal and SN_TP), be But the of in E h. using eqn the hem at - is the pressure the Hence sound m a The value oi the medium

This is not that much important for your syllabus.And u can see that there are no numericals related to these formulae.Hope it helps you.....
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