Explain respiratory system of cockroach with diagram.

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Respiratory system of cockroach

  • Consists of a network of trachea, which opens through 10 pairs of small holes called spiracles

  • Spiracles are present on the lateral side of the body.

  • Opening of the spiracles is regulated by sphincters.

  • Tracheal tubes are subdivided into tracheoles which carry oxygen to all parts.

  • Exchange takes place in the tracheoles by diffusion.

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Respiratory System of Cockroach

The respiratory system consists of a network of trachea, that open through 10 pairs of small holes called spiracles present on the lateral side of the body. Thin branching tubes (tracheal tubes subdivided into tracheoles) carry oxygen from the air to all the parts. The opening of the spiracles is regulated by the sphincters.

Exchange of gases Lake place at the tracheoles by diffusion. Excretion is performed by Malpighian tubules. Each tubule is lined by glandular and ciliated cells. They absorb nitrogenous waste products and convert them into uric acid which is excreted out through the hindgut. Therefore, this insect is called uricotelic. In addition, the fat body, nephrocytes and urecose glands also help in excretion.

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