explain sectional view of chloroplast.

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Chloroplast, it is one cell organelles which is chiefly found in plant cells only. The main role of this double-membrane organelle is that is the site for the photosynthesis where the plants prepare their food using water and carbon dioxide as raw materials. It membrane is rich in glycosylglycerides. The protein which assists in the photosynthesis is Chlorophyll, which provides the characteristic green color to the plant.
The sectional view of chloroplast reveals that it consists of two- membrane system – outer and inner. It includes outer membrane space, inter-membrane space and inner membrane space. Inside the lumen of the chloroplast, a third system of membrane resides called as thylakoids (site of light-dependent reactions). These thylakoids are arranged in stacks which are referred to grana or granum, they are also interconnected with each other via stroma lamellae. The fluid material which supports these structures inside the lumen is called as stroma (site of Calvin cycle or C3 cycle).

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