Explain the causes of unemployment.

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1) Rapid Population Growth: It is the leading cause of unemployment in rural India. In India, particularly in rural areas, the population is increasing rapidly. The growth of the population directly encouraged unemployment by making a large addition to the labour force. It is because the rate of job expansion could never have been as high as population growth would have required.

2) Limited landLand is the gift of nature. It is always constant and cannot expand like population growth. Since, India population increasing rapidly, therefore, the land is not sufficient for the growing population. As a result, there is heavy pressure on the land.

3) Seasonal AgricultureIn Rural Society, agriculture is the only means of employment. However, most of the rural people are engaged directly as well as indirectly in an agricultural operations. But, agriculture in India is basically a seasonal affair. It provides employment facilities to the rural people only in a particular season of the year

4) Backward Method of AgricultureThe method of agriculture in India is very backward. Till now, the rural farmers followed the old farming methods.

5) Defective educationThe day-to-day education is very defective and is confirmed within the class room only. Its main aim is to acquire certificated only. The present educational system is not job oriented, it is degree oriented. It is defective on the ground that is more general then the vocational. 

6) Lack of transport and communication: In India particularly in rural areas, there are no adequate facilities of transport and communication. Owing to this, the village people who are not engaged in agricultural work are remained unemployed. It is because they are unable to start any business for their livelihood and they are confined only within the limited boundary of the village.

7) Inadequate Employment PlanningThe employment planning of the government is not adequate in comparison to population growth. In India near about two lakh people are added yearly to our existing population. But the employment opportunities did not increase according to the proportionate rate of population growth. As a consequence, a great difference is visible between the job opportunities and population growth.
                                                                      On the other hand it is a very difficult task on the part of the Government to provide adequate job facilities to all the people. Besides this, the government also does not take adequate step in this direction. The faulty employment planning of the Government expedites this problem to a great extent. As a result the problem of unemployment is increasing day by day.


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