explain the construction of temples and gradual increase of activities of temple in mesopotamia ?
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  • In Mesopotamia the temples were  built with limestone,.The limestone sued for this purpose was mostly imported and also  used even from Egypt.
  • The great and large temples  like the Anu Temple complex, had an elaborate construction procedures,some of these procedures were such as plastering and a greater use of limestone.
  • Ziggurat were also made as a part of the temple complex which were actually manmade multi-tiered structure.
  • The Mesopotamians made them so high as per their beliefs that this makes the temples closer to the heavens and hence closer to the supreme Gods.
  • The temples were centre of many activities such it provided people with many things as here in it's vicinity  there was a place of  market that was used to sell the goods and make a living by the people, it was a  a place to socialize where people interacted, and also a holy place to make religious offerings to the Gods or patron God of the city.
  • Not only this the temples were also  used as the places to store grains and other goods.

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