Explain the different uses of biotechnology in medical field.

The biotechnological innovations have brought about great changes in the field of therapeutical as well as the preventive medicine. Some of the achievements of biotechnology in the field of medicine are;
  • The gene therapy is a techniques of biotechnology by which many genetic disorders are cured.
  • The insulin which has the antidiabetic role are produced in large scale through genetic engineering.
  • Many biotechnological approaches has been used for production of interferon which is an antiviral substance.
  • Production of hormones like somatotropin, somatostatin etc are achieved through biotechnology.
  • Many vaccines for the incurable diseases are also developed by biotechnology.
  • Genetic testing is also a technique used to determine the genetic disease of the parents. It is also applied to find the paternity of the child and also in the criminology.
  • The biopharmaceuticals and pharmacogenomics are the day by day developing branch of science which are using the biotechnological tools.

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