explain the effect that a force acting on an object can have on the object

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A force acting on an object causes the object to change its shape or size, to start moving, to stop moving, to accelerate or decelerate.

  • Force can set a stationary object in motion:
           When force is applied on a stationary object, the object tends to move in the direction in which force is applied. For example, applying force on a stationary tennis ball will make it continue its motion in the direction of applied force.
  • Force can either stop or slow down the moving object:
           Force needs to be applied on a moving object either to stop it or to slow down the object. For example, the moving ball can be stopped by applying external force.
  • Force is applied to change the direction of moving object:
           The direction of a moving object can be changed by applying the force on that object. For example, the direction of the moving football can be changed by applying force at an angle such that the direction is changed.
  • The shape of an object can be changed by applying force:
           Consider a rod which is circular in shape, by hammering the rod which is applying an external force, the rod can be turned into a flat sheet.


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