Explain the events in a normal woman during her menstrual cycle as the following days:
a)Ovarian hormone levels from 16-23days.
b)uterine events from 24-29 days.
c)Pituitary hormone level from 8-12 days.
d)Ovarian events from 13-15days.
e)Diagramatically represent pituitary and ovarian hormone if fertilisation has taken place.

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a. In a normal woman, from 16 to 23 days of menstrual cycle, the oestrogen level is low.

b. During this time, endometrium gets disintegrated (if no fertilisation occurs) which leads to the beginning of menstrual cycle.

c. Both pituitary hormones- FSH and LH are low during 8-12 days of menstrual cycle.

d. During 13-15th days of menstrual cycle, Graafian follicle ruptures and this leads to ovulation (release of ovum).

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