Explain the factors influencing development

The factors influencing development are

Biological factors: Each one of us inherits a copy of our parents DNA. This natural inherit or the original genetic material inside our body is called GENOTYPE. But not all traits of the genotype can showcase themselves. The dominant traits that show up and determine our physical structure are called PHENOTYPE. However, even the recessive traits, along with the dominant ones, get passed down from generation to generation.The environment has major effects too.

Cognitive: The cognitive processes in human beings include thinking, learning, memory, attention and perception. According to Jean Piaget, there are 4 stages of cognitive development an individual goes through -1) sensori motor (0-2 years) : infants coordinate the sensory experiences with motor activities, lack of object permanence, has certain inborn reflexes like moro, babinkski2) pre operational (2-7 years) : object permanence appears, understanding or right and wrong, symbolic representation of objects, animism, egocentrism, centration3) concrete operational (7-11 years) : logical reasoning, reversible mental operations, decline in egocentrism4) formal operational (11-15 years): abstract application of logic, hypothetical deductive reasoning, special kind of egocentrismsocio emotional: basic emotions that develop over time; attachment during infancy and childhood; teenagers need more of it as they are undergoing a phase, lack of emotions in teens leads to delinquency or substance abuse

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