Explain the following line said by Derry" I got acid all down that side of my face and it burned it all away. It ate my face up. It ate me up"
need the answer very urgentlyy!!! tomorrow is my exam..

Derry was a teenaged boy with a pessimistic and cynical attitude towards life. He was reserved and withdrawn because how society treated him. His face had been disfigured by acid and that is the reason why he avoided the company of others because he thought of himself as a monstrosity. He chose to be lonely because he was sick of the insensitivity of people around him. He believed that no one loved him and even his mother loved him because she was biologically programmed to do so, it was her duty rather than her will to love him. Derry's parents feared that he would not be able to lie if they died because of his deformities which would get the better of him. Derry had come to the conclusion that since his physicality caused repulsion in others, the world would never take to him and so he had developed this attitude of pessimism. He stayed away from others and immersed himself in his cocoon of misery.

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