explain the importance of individuality with reference to 'should wizard hit mommy?'

Dear student,

Individuality is crucial to every character or being and it should be respected by all. Nobody should be judged by the way they look or smell(as is in the case of skunk) or by any other attribute which is crucial to their personality. The same has been conveyed by the text too. Through the story of a skunk named Roger we come to know that changing someone and putting them into a league where there is nobody like them is not justified at any stage. A skunk should smell the way he does and his friends should have accepted him that way. If they would have not sidelined him due to his 'individuality', his true self then he would have never tried to be like the rest and be a part of the herd which ultimately deprived him of his mother's affection. Thus, it is very important to respect one's individuality.


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