Different components of forests are
Living: Plants and animals
Non living : Soil, water, air, light, etc

All these components are interdependent.
Animals depend on plants for food, oxygen and shelter.
 Plants depend on sunlight, water and fertile soil for their growth. Some plants depend on animals for pollination ( transfer of pollen to another plant).
Non living components are also dependent on the living components.
Quality of soil in turn is dependent on the plants growth. Soil is the weathered form of rock which remains fertile by presence of humus. Soil can be prevented from erosion by growing plants and  trees on it, as roots hold the soil.
 In absence of trees in forest, soil becomes infertile and the fertile land is turned easily into barren land that can no longer support the growth of new trees. 

If plants are not there in the forest, this would also affect the rainfall pattern, as transpiration from trees play a great part in water cycle.

 If trees would not be there then soil will be not there to soak the water underground.  In this way underground resources of water would also get depleted. If proper amount of underground water would not be there , then this would also become problem for the growth of new plants.

So, now you must have understood that how different components of forest are dependent on each other.

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