Explain the internal and external limitations of planning.

These facts are called internal and external are :-

They are the following:

(i) Internal Inflexibility:

At the time of planning the objectives of the organisation, its policies, procedures, rules, programmes, etc. are determined. It is very difficult to bring in changes time and again. It is known as internal inflexibility,

(ii) External Inflexibility:

External inflexibility means various external factors that cause limited flexibility in planning.

These factors are beyond the control of the planners. The chief among them are: political climate, economic changes, technical changes, natural calamities, policies of the competitors, etc.

For example, in political context, as a result of change, a new government brings up a new trade policy, policy of taxation, import policy, etc. All these changes make every sort of planning a meaningless waste. Similarly, a change in the policies of the competitors suddenly makes all types of planning ineffective.

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