​Explain the main feature of ancient roman society . How independent were women in the roman society ? Compare the situation of roman family with the family in India .


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Modern features of Roman society 
1.  One of the modern feature of Roman society was the widespread prevalence of the nuclear family. Adult sons did not live with their families and it was exceptional for adult brothers to share a common household. On the other hand slaves were included in the family 
2.  The typical form of marriage was one where wife did not transfer to her husband’s authority but retained full rights in the property of her father’s family. While the woman’s dowry went to the husband for the duration of the marriage, the woman remained a primary heir of her father and became an independent property owner on father’s death 
3.  Marriage were generally arranged and there is no doubt that women were often subject to domination by their husbands. 

Some more features:

a. In the  ancient Romans there   existed plural multiple religious cults. The traditional religious culture was indeed polytheists in nature. The Romans worshipped many Roman, Greek and Italian Gods and Goddess throughout the Empire.  They worshipped Mars. Jupiter, Juno.
b. There existed many temples, shrines  in the empire.
c.  Later Emperor Constantine  declared Christianity as the official state religion

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