Explain the main features of Statistics in its plural sense

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main features of statistics as plural sense are:
1) statistics should be co-related:
data is generally collected to compare. if the data is not comparable then there is no use to collect it.
2) purpose to collect the data should be pre determined:
before collecting the data, purpose of collecting is should be cleared, otherwise there is no use to collect it.
3) data should be collection/aggregate of facts
singular value data is not a statistics. for example,Karan's height is 150 cm. its not a statistics. but if we say that average height of class 10th students is 150 cm, then its a statistics. because its represents the all the students of class 10th.
4) statistics should be numerical value:
statistics must be quantitative, it is not qualittative. for example, Karan is intelligent, handsome ...its a qualitative icharacteristics.but is height of person , weight of person is given, then it becomes a statistics.

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