explain the main objective of 11 five year plan?


The main objectives of the Eleventh Five Year Plan were reduction of poverty and increase in employment. Some other aspects which constituted the Eleventh Five Year Plan were:

  1. Creation of 70 million employment opportunities.
  2. Development of minimum standards of educational attainment in elementary school.
  3. Reduction in infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate.
  4. Ensuring electricity connection to all villages and Below Poverty Line (BPL) households.
  5. Treat all urban waste water by 2012 to clean river waters.
  6. Ensuring the provision of broadband connectivity to all villages by 2012.
  7. Ensuring safe childhood for children without compulsion of work.
  8. Provide clean drinking water for all by 2012.
  9. Reduction of educated unemployment to below 5 per cent.

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