explain the movement "AK Banerjee for sal forests protection"

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The movement ''AK banerjee for sal forest protection"
 was begun in 1972 by an IFS officer Shri Ajit Kumar Banerjee, DFO (Silviculture) in an area of 1,272 hectares by the voluntary participation of local people living around the forest boundary. The process of rejuvenating  the forest was brought about by setting up Joint Forest Management(1973) committees consisting of the local villagers which results in the multiplication as well as value of the forests by the people for the people which was initially almost worthless.
A.K Banerjee attracted the attention of local villagers towards the importance of forest protection, conservation  of forests and regeneration for their own benefit. He also assured them for their better livelihood.
He promised the villagers employment under the various rural employment schemes and inspired them to raise crops such as paddy, maiz, fodder species
He  taught the villagers to establish honeybee hives in Eucalyptus
 forest and o
ffered incentives to the villagers for their participation.


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