explain the napoleonic poet

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It is not Napoleonic poet but Napoleonic code:

The following points may help you:

1. Napoleon staged a coup in 1799 and laid the foundations of a totalitarian state with later declaring himself  to be the emperor of France in 1804.
2. He introduced the Civil Code of 1804 known as the Napoleonic Code  which did away with all privileges based on birth, established equality before the law and secured the right to property
3.Napoleon saw his role as a moderniser of Europe. He introduced many laws such as the protection of private property and a uniform system of weights and measures provided by the decimal system.
4. He brought about changes in the economy, regulated food prices so that poor could benefit.
5.He was a brilliant general and conquered neighboring countries. He laid the foundation of a stable government
He established control over the European Continent through a series of military victories.
7.‚ÄčNapoleon who had conquered large part of Europe brought about administrative changes, uniform civil code, abolished feudal system.
8. Threatened by the rising power and authority of Napoleon the seventh coalition was formed , who had opposed him and his policies.
9. He abolished feudal system and serfdom.
 In an effort to economically unify countries he improved transport system. He also undertook a series of public works, he tried to improve the condition of agriculture by introducing scientific methods.


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the napoleonic era was a period in the history of france and europe.
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