Explain the need for a refrence atom for atomic mass give some information about two refrence atom

Brainly.in What is your question? Secondary SchoolScience 10 points Explain the need for a reference atom for atomic mass. Give some information about two reference atoms. Write answers to the question and explain your answers. Advertisement Ask for details FollowReport by Deependra2549 26.07.2018 Answers swaradadixitHelping Hand Atomic mass is the is the sum of the electrons and the neutrons in the atom. Number of electrons is the atomic number. Hence to determine the atomic mass the reference of the atom is required. Example to find the atomic mass of atom magnesium Mg we need to know the atomic number of magnesium. atomic number of magnesium atom is 12 = number of electrons number of neutrons in the nucleus of magnesium atom is 12 the atomic mass of magnesium atom is 24 (sum of electrons and neutrons)
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