explain the poem`how to tell the wild animals` with reference to context

Dear Student

In the first stanza, the poet has given signs to identify Asian Lion. If the roar of the lion is so fearsome that you fell that you are dying, then surely it is the Asian Lion.
In the second stanza, he is asking us to identify the Bengal tiger. Poet says that if someone with black strips and yellow body greets you peacefully but then is ready to attack on you, then it is a Bengal tiger.
In the next stanza comes the leopard. The leopard has salt and pepper like appearance and it pounces on you.
In the fourth stanza, the poet has described a bear. When a bear hugs you, it has the capacity to kill you.
In the next stanza comes Hyena and crocodile. Hyena laughs like a human and crocodile shed tears while eating its prey.
Last comes the chameleon. It changes its colours according do the background.


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