Explain the poem Rain on the Roof

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In the first stanza, the poet is describing the dark rainy night. He says that the sky is full of dark clouds and the stars have become invisible. The clouds have moisture and they are full of water. They are floating around the sky and are about to bring rain. He further says that the darkness of the sky is making him sad. The rain describes his emotions as it feels like tears falling softly from the human eyes. The poet says that the thing that brings happiness to him is lying down on the bed with the pillow. His mood changes and he feels joyful after listening to the sound of the raindrop while lying on the bed and pressing the pillow.
The poet says that every drop of the water on the roof has an echo in his heart. It brings thousands of dreamy fancies and imagination in the poet?s mind. He elaborates that when he listens to the sound of the raindrop falling on the roof, various memories of the past recollect into his mind as dreams. These memories seem like weaving of threads and making a patchwork.

In the last stanza, the poet describes his mother. He remembers his mother in his memories, who is no longer alive. He says that his mother used to love him a lot and she called him darling. She allowed him to sleep till sunrise. His mother looked at him every night as she knew that she would not see him till the next morning. The sound of the raindrops reconnects his memories with the present. Everytime when rain falls on the roof, it brings back old memories and reminds him of his mother. The repetitive rhythm of the raindrop evokes all his memories.
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