Explain the principle of carrying capacity by using population
Verhulst-Pearl logistic growth curve.

  • In nature, a given habitat has enough resources to support a maximum possible number, beyond which no further growth is possible. This limit is known as nature’s carrying capacity (K) for that species in that habitat.
    When the resources are limited leading to competition between individuals and survival of the fittest, the population tends to grow in a logistic manner. This is explained in terms of logistic growth curve.

    • In this kind of growth, there is an initial lag phase followed by acceleration or deceleration phases and finally asymptote, when it reaches its carrying capacity (K).

    • When N in relation to t is plotted, it results in a sigmoid curve called the Verhulst − Pearl Logistic growth given by,

N − Population density at time t

r − Intrinsic rate of natural increase

K − Carrying capacity

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