Explain the process of making compost

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Compost is defined as an end product obtained after decomposition of organic matter or a combination of yard debris and kitchen scraps and is used same as fertilizer for growing plant. To make a compost pile the following material is required :-
  • Compost area or bin in your yard where you can create the compost pile
  • Garden tools 
  • Kitchen waste and various yards, hose etc.
Procedure :- ‚Äč
  • Firstly, select an area of the yard where you can place your compost bin and so you can easily dispose of kitchen and yard waste there.
  • Add waste such as green yard waste, grass crippling, old flowers or fallen green leaves from the trees.
  • Also add brown yard waste such as dried leaves from trees and kitchen waste (peels of banana, cucumber or potato and egg shells etc.) to your compost pile.
  • Keep your compost pile moderately moist and let decompose it for a month or two. This can be used as fertilizer for plants.

Precautions :- 
  • Make sure you have authority to create compost pile.
  • Do not use any substance that has had pesticide sprayed on it.

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With the proper mixture of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, micro-organisms are able to break down organic matter to produce compost. The composting process is dependent on micro-organisms to break down organic matter into compost.
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