Explain the properties of Nanomaterial in detail.

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Properties of nanoparticles:
1) Colour of Nano-particles: Colour is an optical property that varies at the nanoscale level.
2) Surface area: The surface to volume ratio is an important characteristic of nanoparticles. If a bulk material is divided into several nanoparticles, then the volume remains the same however the surface area increases. When the surface area increases, then chemical reactivity also increases.
3) Catalytic activity of Nanoparticles: As the size decreases, surface area increases so the nanoparticles have increased catalytic activity. For example: Pd and Pt nanoparticles are used as catalysts in hydrogenation of alkenes and alkynes. 
4) Melting point The melting points of nanoparticles depends on their size. As the number of atoms in a cluster increases, it's melting point also increases.
5) Mechanical strength: Nano-particles are harder than the bulk materials. 
6) Electrical conductivity: Electrical conductivity changes at nanoscale level. 


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