Explain the rhyme scheme of the poem ' Dust of Snow ' .

Dear Student,
The poem follows the pattern of ABAB. For example, 
if you see the first stanza, the word at the end of the 1st sentence rhymes with 3rd, and 2nd rhymes with that of the 4th one's.

The way a crow-------- 1st

Shook down on me----- 2nd

The dust of snow-------- 3rd

From a hemlock tree----- 4th

Hope this clears your doubts regarding the query. 

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1.the poet was sitting under a hemlock tree.

2. He was upset and his days did not go well.

3. Suddenly, a crow sitting on the tree shakes the tree and the fine particles of the snow from the tree fall on the poet.

4. The and cold touch of snow changes poet's mood from sad to happy.

5. He starts feeling soothed and refreshed.

6. In this way a simple moment proves to be very significant and saves rest of the day of the poet from being wasted and held in regret.

7. The poem describes a very simple happening in very simple words.

8. It tells us that sometimes even a small incident may prove to be of large significance.

9. The poet is upset in the beginning of the poem but a small incident of falling of snow changes his mood totally.

10. In the end of the poem the poet feels relaxed and thankful to the nature for saving his day from being wasted.

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