explain the role of election commision in free and fair elections

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The main functions of the Election Commission are as follows :-

(i) To conduct elections and to look after all the problems connected with elections.

(ii) To prepare electoral rolls and get them revised before every election.

(iii) To supervise the machinery of elections throughout the country so that the elections are held in a free and fair manner.

(iv) To conduct the elections of President, Vice-President, members of both the Houses of Parliament, members of Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils of various States.

(v) To give recognition to political parties as All India Parties or Regional Parties on the basis of the votes received by them in the last elections.

(vi) To allot symbols of various political parties and independent candidates. It hears and settles all the disputes with regard to symbols.

(vii)To cancel polls in case of large scale rigging, irregularities or violence.

(viii) To give opinion to the President of India about the possibility of holding elections in a State under President's rule after the expiry of six months.

(ix) To advise the President or a Governor on matters pertaining to disqualification of a legislator.

(x) To conduct by-elections for filling up vacancies in Parliament or any State legislature.

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