Explain the uneven distribution of rainfall in India.

The following are the reasons for the uneven distribution of rainfall in India:

  1. Relief and topography- The windward side of mountains and hills receive more rainfall than leeward side.

  2. Latitudinal extent- The tropical and coastal regions and plains receive more rainfall than the plateau and desert regions in the interior.

  3. The vagaries of the monsoon- The unpredictability of the monsoon alongwith phenomena like monsoon troughs and depressions lead to uneven distribution of rainfall.

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There is uneven distribution in rainfall in india because the rainfall depends on the monsoon winds and the monsoon winds do not move equally at all places.

But it is a fact that each and every part of India more or less 'recieves ' monsoons.

For example, it may rain continuously for a week in Meghalaya but at the same time, it may rain hardly for an hour in some parts of Rajasthan.

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