Explain the variation of conductivity nwith temp for (a) A metallic conductor (b) ionic conductor

Effect on n: The electrons that are charge carriers in a conductor will gain energy and go into higher energy levels.
However, these energy levels are all still in the valance band. So the number of charge carriers will not change for a conductor with an increase in temperature.

Effect on q: As temperature increases, the charge on each carrier will not change.
Effect on m: Mobility is the drift velocity divided by the electric field strength.
Temperature won't affect the electric field strength.
But it will decrease the drift velocity because as the temperature increases, the atomic vibrations will increase, which will cause more collisions of the electrons with the crystal lattice. Hence the drift velocity will decrease.

The electrical conductivity of a  metallic conductor will decrease with an increase in temperature.

The electrical conductivity of an ionic conductor will increase with an increase in temperature. The kinetic energy of the ions increases as the temperature is increased which increases the conductivity.

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in a metallic conductor..when temperature is raised the conductivity decreases ..due to the presence of kernels.and the free electrons , the kernels and the electrons starts colliding hence,conductivity decreases.

in an ionic conductor..when temp..is raised conductivity increases,due to the presece of ions...the ions starts moving fast and they get much space for movement and so the increase in kinetic energy.hence,conductivity increases.

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