Explain the work of torch with the help of diagram

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The torch is a very simple circuit, containing only three components; a switch, a globe and a battery. The components are connected in series. The battery stores energy as electric potential energy, which is converted to light and heat by the globe, when the switch is closed to connect the circuit. For a current to flow and the torch to work there needs to be a complete circuit. In a metal cased torch the case itself often forms part of the circuit.

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Hi Medha Sinha, it is TORQUE and not torch
Work done by torque is given by the expression
W = Tau vector * angle vector
Or W = ​τ . θ (both in vector form)
Torque is the rotating force and not a linear force
It is got from cross product of radius vector and force vector
So τ (vector) = r (vector) X F (vector)
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