explain three sources of owned funds. (3-4 marks)

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Owned fond or owners fund refers to the funds invested by the owners of the company. ​Sources of owned funds are as follows:
(a) Equity shares: These shares represent the ownership capital of a company. The holders of such shares are known as equity share holders and enjoy a say in the management and gain higher returns when the profits are higher. They are also called the owners of the company, or residual owners, since payments to them are made only after paying the external debts or claims.
(b) Retained earnings: Firms generally keep a certain fraction or part of their profits before distributing dividends to their shareholders. These undistributed profits are known as retained earnings because the funds are kept for future use.
(c) Preference shares: These types of shares provide the shareholders a preferential right regarding the repayment of capital and payment of earnings after a certain specified period of time. Such repayment to the preference share holders is made in accordance with the terms specified in Section 80 of the Companies Act, 1956.


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