Explain valance bond approach to formation of H? Molecule.

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According to VBT (valence bond theory), "An atom with unpaired electron tends to form bond with other atom having unpaired electrons so that both of them acquire stable noble gas configuration". Now, H atom has one single electron in its 1s orbital,so its electronic configuration is 1s1. Two H atoms come together and share their single electron electrons to form a single bond.

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valency bond is a qualitative method for predicting the behaviour of electrons in bonding.It focuses on the overlap of the outermost orbitals where the the valence electrons reside.The hydrogen atoms comes together because of electrostatic attraction between the nuclei and electron density between them.Based on the the principle of Valence Bond Theory, two electrons are required to make a single bond. Hydrogen has only one valence (outer) electron, so two hydrogen atoms are needed to make a bond. This allows accurate predictions about the shapes of simple molecules. In case of H2, the shape is simply linear. Because Valence Bond Theory involves only valence electrons, Lewis dot structures are useful in representing a molecule. However, there are some drawbacks for certain bond predictions such as bond dissociation energy and magnetism.
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